There are Two Kinds of Art Collectors, Those Interested in Profit and Those For Whom I Dedicate This Article

Let’s be honest! Digital artists have been creating for decades but it wasn’t until NFTs made headlines that everyone started getting excited about digital art.

ALAgrApHY and “Dame Souriante D’ames Souriantes”

NFTs are but a certification of a digital artwork that neither influence its esthetics nor its real value.

However, art appraisal and speculation create an artificial value around which a selling price is estimated.

Art collectors who are in for profit, even though they might claim that they would never sell, cannot care less about the esthetics of an artwork or the life of an artist. They bet on artists the same way they bet on stocks. For instance, an artist who is promising is profitable. I will spare the reader the details about this category of art collectors or rather art merchants.

The second category of art collectors is those who can connect with an artwork in a way that is revelatory and transcendental. They eventually connect with the artist too or vise versa. They usually have many artworks of fewer artists that touch them profoundly.

I have met a few art collectors who loved my art before my art made it to larger venues and international press. Nothing is more exciting than knowing that your artwork is appreciated for its esthetics or for its message rather than for the signature it holds and the wealth it promises.

The NFTs art market has created a FOMO for artists as well as for art collectors. The average NFT art collector feels unsatisfied with the huge amount of art that he or she has not yet collected or that other art collectors now own and brag about.



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Traditional & AI Artist, Data Scientist, Filmmaker exploring Creative AI. Started the GAN AI Art Movement in 2016. Former Postdoc @CNRS & PhD @INFORMATICS