The Perks of Anonymity: A Must-Read for Emerging & NFT Artists

After much resistance against the NFT craze, I recently came across an eco-friendly minimalist NFT platform know as hicetnunc2000 on the Tezos blockchain. I thought I’d give it a try even though I didn’t own any wallet or coin, and a few minutes after creating my account and uploading my first animation (one copy) it was sold out…It took me a few minutes to understand what happened. Congrats to the stranger who bought it, the stranger the better!

My response to Christie’s claims about the first AI-generated art auction
  • Keep doing what I love with no distractions what so ever and from time to time I might share something that I truly like and that will have a positive impact.
  • The attention-seeking institutes and organizations want big names in their conferences and summits. If you’re not a big shot, regardless of how good is your art or terrible, you are of no interest to them. That said, your participation in these events or listings of artists are not based on your art but on how much importance your presence can give these organizations. If you search for AI Artist, you will come across a listing that does not have the two people that inspired me or me and that makes perfect sense and gives us more time to create and less time to pose.
  • When an anonymous sells an artwork we know for sure that it is because the artwork was good. When a celebrity cells an artwork nobody knows whether it was for the signature or the quality of the work. I have done 2 exhibitions in which I was introduced with a different name. I did not want people to research me in advance or like me for the share of fame I unintentionally brought into my life and no longer wish for henceforth. The experience was incredible. In one exhibition, I met people who insisted that I’d be introduced to a gallerist they know as they saw potential in the seemingly anonymous artist.
  • Peace and freedom cost a lot these days and fame is not how to have them. On the contrary!
Algorithmic Art, I have done in 2011 similar to the so praised AI-ART we witness today

Traditional, Digital & AI Artist, Data Scientist, Creative Coder, Filmmaker, Hyperpolyglot, Cosmopolitan. Formerly @snips @fortia_s @UPMC @CNRS @paris_sorbonne.

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