Social Experiment: What if we were only allowed to share positive news online?

Will positive attract more positive? Will positive news reinforce positive news? What if we really impose this law, just for a month? And in case we run out of news we will be allowed to publish fake positive news… We have been manipulating facts and publishing horrible fake news for decades so why not fake positive news? Just for the sake of a social experiment and in the name of science. What if we just add to this ginormous misinformation pool a bit of false positive. What is the worst that could happen? People loving one another? People starting to care about the planet? The capital corps dissolving and their leaders having less stress and more time to spend with their families and with nature? How good can it get? Too good? Out of control good? So what? So be it!

positive news — happy news — smiles are contagious — ALAgrApHY

Analogously, smiles are contagious and of my first projects was “pass a smile” since it costed nothing to smile and make others smile

Just think about this every time you read an article and you are unaware of the consequences of sharing it whether it’s a negative or positive article. This article ipsum is a positive news article as it spreads hope for a better world so don’t think twice about sharing it.

If there is a year for fake positive news to osmose, it should undoubtedly be 2020 and the past few days have been very hard to digest!