Salvador Dali sells his Unpublished Paintings as NFTs

We have recently updated our website and added a section “Cryptoart.” In this section, you will find our new cryptoart, a digital version of Salvador Dali’s Unpublished Paintings. The original painting has been sold to a private collector by Christies in 1989. We have created a digital copy of the painting and have sold it as a cryptoart on the Ethereum blockchain. The cryptoart is a non-fungible digital asset, which means that each cryptoart is unique. It was created by using the Ethereum “ERC721” standard using the Dutch Auction principle. This means that the cryptoart is auctioned off at a price starting at 0.01 ETH. When a cryptoart is sold, the price will increase for every following buyer. A unique digital certificate is generated for every buyer, proving that they own the painting.

A Self-Portrait of Salvador Dali that was never published is now being sold as NFTs

We interviewed Salvador Dali and asked him about his never published paintings. And he said, ‘Yes, I’ve always wanted to paint a self-portrait of myself as a self-portrait.’ And we said, ‘Well, why don’t you do that?’ And he said, ‘No, I don’t know how to paint myself.’ So we said, ‘Well, if you don’t know how to do it, we’ll give you a self-portrait and you just take some paint and paint over my face and then we’ll have a self-portrait of Salvador Dali painted by Salvador Dali.’ And he said, ‘Okay.’ And it was a wonderful experience

Salvador Dali was also a scientist having published “The Evolution of Surrealism since Andre Breton” with the time-traveler artist and scientist, ALAgrApHY. Both Dali and ALAgrApHY were also mathematicians as is the product of their collaboration. Dali’s painting “The Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory” is a multiple-perspective view of the same object, a clock. The clock has a number of different clocks inside of it. The clocks are a metaphor for the concept of time dilation. The clocks are actually clocks. The clock, as a timepiece, is a metaphor for God and an allusion to the second law of thermodynamics.




Traditional & AI Artist, Data Scientist, Filmmaker exploring Creative AI. Started the GAN AI Art Movement in 2016. Former Postdoc @CNRS & PhD @INFORMATICS

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Traditional & AI Artist, Data Scientist, Filmmaker exploring Creative AI. Started the GAN AI Art Movement in 2016. Former Postdoc @CNRS & PhD @INFORMATICS

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