Questions that Have Never Been Asked on Google; How to Answer Them?

2 min readMay 4, 2022

When people ask trivial questions, you have tendency to ask if they have tried to google it. Type any question on google and you’ll find related references that have become further on point with question-answering algorithms. But what if that question has never been asked before?

I typed “How to desire what is good for you”, a very existential question I though millions would have asked before me and answered, but maybe not in that exact same way!

A question that has never been asked before

Google returned zero results and an irrelevant suggestions which made me think of how to solve such a search problem especially with word embeddings and GPT text auto-completion technology?

GPT-neo answering questions that have never been asked

While most references were biblical they made very much sense and GPT has abstracted all the similar questions that have been posed with answers that followed. This makes my day!

GPT-neo and GPT-3 have recently been outperformed by a smaller model known as Chinchilla!

We will cover that in comparison to other models like Gopher soon!

What questions can you not find answers to?




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