Q: When will SORA be released? OpenAI: Here are some more videos by “SORA”…

2 min readMar 27, 2024

SORA, OpenAI’s latest text-to-video generator is not to be taken lightly considering its impact on disrupting the billion dollar industry of filmmaking as I have discussed in a previous post https://medium.com/@alagraphy/multi-billion-dollar-industry-soon-to-be-monopolised-by-sora-openai-5fb171b00ad1 and have been warning since the beginning of this blog with AI-generated cinema on demand…

So far, we have only seen what openAI wants us to see with no evidence as to how these clips were generated, after how many trials and errors and if they were generated at all…

Releasing SORA is a very sensitive topic for two reasons:

  • OpenAI wants to make sure that the generated videos are as claimed in their teasers and not much worse or this will cause a backlash.
  • OpenAI is dealing with their CTO’s tongue slip when asked about where the videos came from. Mira Murati hinted they may be from YouTube since they were publicly available. Therefore any prompt that can reveal specifics about the training data could get OpenAI in huge trouble. Imagine typing a very custom prompt describing one of your personal and private memories and finding it appear in a few seconds to anyone who types a similar prompt.

When you watch their teasers about SORA or about FIGURE-1, it does feel like a sci-fi movie and these teasers are mostly to lure investors into meetings you and I cannot access. It is where billions of deals are made while we count the days till SORA is released…

Here is their official video about SORA

What are your thoughts on SORA taking over the film industry, and what about it being trained on public videos?




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