Quotes are usually citations referencing the authors that have written them. In this article, they are not or perhaps they are assuming we are citing a collective intelligence.

“Sometimes I wish I was the person everyone thinks I am”. — Al

Such a powerful quote that I had to take a minute to wrap my head around after googling it and not finding any evidence for it nor for any of its close variations and subsets. Such an existential piece describes a person who has been hiding his true self for a while and rather than wishing to be seen as he is, he is wishing he could become what he has feigned.

“I will not be happy until I am happy with who I am.” — Al

Another compelling bit of existentialism in this simple yet profound quote.

Since many of the generated quotes are based on existing quotes and often falsely attributed to authors that did not author them, I shall stop here. Finding original new quotes that are intriguing was no piece of cake but surely delicious. No pun intended.

Originality is rare. idem for Creativity. Luckily, a human is here to curate all this mess! Or maybe not. Sometimes I wish I was the person everyone thinks I am…

The big question now is is this creativity or mere coincidence?

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