I was an artist once, a scientist twice, and nobody for endless aeons

2 min readMar 5, 2023

I was an artist once, a scientist twice, and nobody for countless times. I spent years honing my craft, working tirelessly to create something beautiful and unique that would resonate with people. It was a mission that consumed me, an all-encompassing passion that fueled my every move.

But then something changed. I realized that becoming an artist was one heck of a mission, but quitting it was trice the challenge. I grew disillusioned with the art world, with its endless politics and backstabbing. I saw how so many artists became con artists, selling their souls and their creativity to the highest bidder. And I knew I couldn’t be one of them or play their art marketing and manipulating games.

ART AND SCIENCE. A macro take on insoluble elements (such as oil and water). I am a scientist/artist and I have seen science and art overlap everywhere except in my career, however, I accept that as a challenge.

So I walked away from it all. I gave up my brushes and my canvases, and I turned my attention to science. I threw myself into the study of the natural world and all its quantitative data, exploring its mysteries and uncovering its secrets. And I found a new kind of joy in that work, a sense of purpose and fulfillment that I had never felt before.

But even as I delved deeper into science, I never forgot my roots as an artist. I carried that passion with me, using it to inform my work and give it a sense of beauty and wonder. And in doing so, I found that I had become something new, something different.

Today, I am an artist, a scientist, and a nobody all at once. I create for the sake of creation, whether it’s a poem or a scientific theory. I am not interested in commercializing my work, in tricking people into buying something they don’t need or want. Instead, I simply create, putting my heart and my soul into everything I do.

And if you want to catch me, well, good luck. Because I am always moving, always evolving, always creating something new.




Heptaglot Artist, Data Scientist, Filmmaker exploring Creative AI. Started the GAN AI Art Movement (2016). Former Postdoc @CNRS PhD @INFORMATICS. 3xTEDx Speaker