I Generated Hundreds of AI Artists with Unique Names, Biographies, Artworks and Styles

2 min readAug 30, 2022


Back in 2016, I spent months training a Deep Convolutional Generative Adversarial Network (DCGAN) on thousands of portraits I have traveled around the world to capture.

A couple of weeks ago in 2022, I only spent a couple of hours before generating hundreds of AI-Artists each with a unique name, biography, artwork and art style.

AI-generated AI Artists and AI Art by ALAgrApHY

1. Motivation

1.1. I usually do not like to provoke or be provoked but since the art market has never been any more dishonest and speculative, with anyone merely capable of composing an English word or sentence, now free to turn it into art and thus call himself/herself an artist, I thought it is timely to add a few more hundreds of “AI Artists” to this exponentially growing community before it oversaturates.

1.2. Caveat lector. There are a few AI Artists I admire and this article does not in any way attempt to generalize when referring to AI Artists or to AI Art.

1.3. The true vice is not in trying new tools or exploring new styles but in our lazy minds that would do anything to optimise energy and sometimes cling to turning such tools into easy-money-machines or or ego-inflators, both of huge danger to our souls. Myself and every programmer, try to find ways to optimize and automatize but we should remain aware of the limits and consequences.

1.4. Some of the Top AI Artists listings make me cringe with their obviously biased (racially, gender-wise or idiologically) and I thought what is better than a list like this to soften their biases and what they bring of misinformation to AI Art History and AI Artist friends of theirs. :/

2. What’s Next?

It’s crazy how fast technology and AI are developing, it is becoming hard to predict the future and how soon is soon. One of the most anticipated applications will be AI-generated Cinema on demand

Without any further due, please join me we a round of applause for the TOP AI Artists that are no one and everyone!




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