How to Write and Publish Articles That Get Noticed

How to Write and Publish Articles That Get Noticed

How to Write and Publish Articles That Get Noticed

First of all, why do you want to get noticed? Why do you want to write and publish articles?

Is it so you can simply write an article about your business or is it because you want the readers to buy your products, services and the like? If you want to use articles as a way to get noticed, then you have to make sure you don’t come across as hard-selling. It is about creating a relationship with your readers. The readers should feel like they know you and like you before they will want to buy from you.

The above text has been flawlessly generated by AI from the article’s catchy title, which is also the “seed”. Very coherent, and correct grammatically as well as syntactically.

The same AI might be the author of this very text as well but I was impatient with the random generations that were not satisfactory.

From the reader’s end, there is no way to know whether the AI is faking it and pretending to be human as you read. The AI has the right to the I that any author has.

If it were authored by a human’s mind then there must be an ego wanting recognition or ambition seeking sales. Or maybe not!

The use of AI could be as minute and seamless as the intervention of an application such as “Grammarly” that many use on a daily basis.

If you are still reading, comment on the percentage of doubt that this is written by AI and come back in a week to find out the truth. Where does the human mind stop for the AI to begin and vice versa.