Great News for Artists: The Art Market Is Not Fair!

2 min readMar 29, 2022


The catchy title is not clickbait, rest assured! The Art Market’s unfairness has some fair twist for the Artist! Let me explain!

First, allow me to explain why the art market is not fair!

The artist who is fully invested in creating and innovating and barely has time to discuss marketing and sales has little to no place in the art market.

Several scientific studies have shown how “artists” like Jeff Koons were able to pull it off with their strong socio-economical connections. The fast-paced NFT Market is reconfirming these studies in an illustration that says it all!

NFT Artists on Twitter be like…

In the above illustration, sure the user on the left who has amassed thousands of sympathizers will get the attention he or she is seeking and will most likely be admitted to the art market, however, the user on the left will wish he or she had more time or talent to contribute with higher quality unrushed contemplative art! Conversely, the artist to the right wishes his or her art could reach a larger audience, but admits that the time spent observing and creating is non-negotiable and cannot be traded for any art marketing, tweeting or twitter interacting!

How is the unfairness of the art market fair for the user and the artist then?

The user becomes overwhelmed with commissions based on the art he started and therefore cannot progress.

The artist, assuming he can make a bare living, will still be able to explore several techniques and evolve unbothered by requests or commissions that derail him or her from his quest!

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Thank you!




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