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  • Robert McKeon Aloe

    Robert McKeon Aloe

    I’m in love with my Wife, my Kids, Espresso, Data Science, tomatoes, cooking, engineering, talking, family, Paris, and Italy, not necessarily in that order.

  • lara


  • Vlad Alex (Merzmensch)

    Vlad Alex (Merzmensch)

    Vladimir Alexeev. Futurist. AI-driven Dadaist. Living in Germany, loving Japan, AI, mysteries, books, and stuff. https://www.linkedin.com/in/v-alexeev/

  • Kenric Allado-McDowell

    Kenric Allado-McDowell

    Co-author Pharmako-AI. Co-editor Atlas of Anomalous AI. Co-founder @artwithMI . Opinions channeled. Thee/Thou

  • Tom Février

    Tom Février

  • Jacopo Staiano

    Jacopo Staiano

  • Lorenzo Hagerty

    Lorenzo Hagerty

    Currently: Host of the Psychedelic Salon podcasts ... Formerly: Attorney, U.S. Naval officer, electrical engineer, motivational speaker, corporate geek

  • Yann Lechelle

    Yann Lechelle

    Entrepreneur, executive, board level advisor, angel investor, speaker. CEO @Scaleway. MBA @INSEAD. Power forward in Basketball.

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