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ELEFART (2022):

S͛cͨaͣn ᴛⷮhͪeͤ QRͬ cͨoͦdͩeͤ to the right to adopt a random ELEPHANT representing an Art Movement to the left from this educational original art collection by ALAgrApHY currently in a “phygital” exhibition at the Nova School of Business & Economics (5–8 March 2022) in parallel to a series of talks and workshops.

Elephant Schools of Art in Exhibition at Nova School of Business & Economics

Guess which elephant corresponds to which Art School? Collecting an elephant unlocks a secret link to a guide with all 186 unique art schools. This original collection is for artists, art lovers, art collectors, art historians, and art educators… Scan the QR code corresponding to an elephant to start collecting on the Polygon MATIC clean NFTs blockchain.

Thanks to the most recent advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI), using thousands of images as training data, ALAgrApHY, illustrates hundreds of art schools through Elephants!

Born to a family of artists, ALAgrApHY’s dream as an artist and scientist has always been to learn about Art Schools and Artists and to share his understanding with the rest of the world.

The ELEFARTs will be included in an upcoming solo exhibition by ALAgrApHY at Galerie Schwab in Paris.


AI has very much evolved in the past six years!

In 2016, a scientific article about an image classifier trained using artificial neural networks or Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), inspired artist and scientist, ALAgrApHY, to use part of this classifier to generate art.

The “Children of the Cloud”, thousands of AI-generated portraits of people that do not exist (2016) were united in one mosaic in July 2017 as the deadline to exhibit at the Grand Palais was due.

Children of the Cloud, AI-generated people, this person does not exist

The Children of the Cloud have joined the blockchain as community tokens that support diversity and co-existence.

The children of the cloud are all uniquely imperfect with all their origins, ages, and genders, but when united in huge mosaics, they represent humanity with all its diversity and colors.

First AI-generated Artwork to be sold at the Grand Palais

The mosaics have been adopted by ALAgrApHY since 2011 as meta-mosaics, before AI ART as manifested below.

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Heptaglot Artist, Data Scientist, Filmmaker exploring Creative AI. Started the GAN AI Art Movement (2016). Former Postdoc @CNRS PhD @INFORMATICS. 3xTEDx Speaker