COVID-Safe Algorithmic Street Art for Change

One of the biggest challenges is explaining my art, research and the motives behind them to people from all backgrounds and in all languages.

This 6-minute video was produced for that reason and for all those who could not make it in between the pandemic lockdowns. This was made for their family and friends of all ages (PG-13), origins, beliefs…etc.

From Algorithmic Art to AI Art — Art for Change — Art Exhibition

This algorithmic street art exhibition has been extended for the 3rd time and for the 5th month for those who are within a 1km distance from its Kremlin (Paris 13) epicenter before it migrates into another city or town as it is “on tour” and I will be announcing its future expansion. Hurray!

This outdoor exhibition encourages social distancing, co-existence, diversity up till raising awareness about our planet using several techniques ranging from algorithmic art to AI-generated art and digital art.

Mondlebrotherhood — Algorithmic Art — ALAgrApHY

A HUGE thank you to all those who encouraged and financed this and many other projects that help us connect the dots and paint this world into a better and safer paradise. A HUGE thank you for all those who care to pass this message on by sharing this video! :)

YouTube (with more subtitles):







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Traditional & AI Artist, Data Scientist, Filmmaker exploring Creative AI. Started the GAN AI Art Movement in 2016. Former Postdoc @CNRS & PhD @INFORMATICS