The Collective Brain X by ALAgrApHY is a part of the Brain wider than the sky at Gulbenkian 16 March — 11 June 2019 ( FB Event)

The brain is a processor and a storehouse for all that is perceived by the senses. As a metaphor, the artist translates your senses as pictures taken throughout the exhibition and published on social media to create a dynamic artwork at the Brain — wider than the sky exhibition, at the Gulbenkian Foundation. Moreover, Al (a.k.a. ALAgrApHY) will use AI to create an interactive, collective and dynamic exhibition that he calls the Collective Brain eXperiment, Collective Brain eXhibition or Collective Brain eXperience. Thousands of contributed images that represent the brain will be automatically harvested and curated on a daily basis by an AI of several algorithms that will then process and translate the curated images into a collective and dynamic piece of art.

Being part of the Collective Brain eXperiment

In order to participate, snap a picture of anything that represents the brain (visually, metaphorically, symbolically … ) and tweet it or instagram it with the hashtag #collectivebrainx. An animation of the development of the Collective Brain will be featured at the Brain exhibition with some teasers exclusively on this page. More details about the Brain — wider than the sky exhibition, the experiment and possibilities to use other social networks will be announced shortly at The Collective Brain X Official Website or via the artist’s twitter page @alagraphy.

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Traditional, Digital & AI Artist, Data Scientist, Creative Coder, Filmmaker, Hyperpolyglot, Cosmopolitan. Formerly @snips @fortia_s @UPMC @CNRS @paris_sorbonne.

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