Art Schools and Artists Applied to Elephants and Rhinos in an NFTGame / NFT Project / NFTCollection

I have always dreamed of attending art school. Even after my Masters and PhD in computer science and in informatics.

However, time was very limited and the resources too.

Until I managed to manifest each of 186 Unique Art Schools through an Elephant. The fun part begins when you try guessing the schools these elephants correspond to:

Elephant Art Schools NFT collection

The NFT game is an NFT collection that has these elephants unlabeled on opensea . Collecting one of these elephants unlocks a link to a secret guide with all elephants labeled with their corresponding art schools.

Amazing art schools I have never come across with impressive outcomes are not only for art lovers, artists, and art collectors. This collection is above all educational and cultural.

The second collection features a list of 100 of the most influential artists. Their style is then applied to a Rhinoceros. Each Rhino corresponds to an artist. The collection is accessible at and collecting one rhino unlocks the whole series. The same game can be played for guessing to which artist each Rhino corresponds. Any guesses?

Rhino Artist NFT Collection

This NFT project should make art education fun!

What are your thoughts?



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Traditional & AI Artist, Data Scientist, Filmmaker exploring Creative AI. Started the GAN AI Art Movement in 2016. Former Postdoc @CNRS & PhD @INFORMATICS