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2 min readApr 20, 2021

My sponsor asked me the other day why don’t I figure in an online listing of AI Artists given my dedication to AI-generated Art since the first GANs in 2016 and my sales before the AI ART buzz, to which I answered: “I am of no commercial interest to the people maintaining the list”

Children of the Cloud (2016) composing my artwork Muses Endormie (2017) Sold Feb 2018 Grand Palais RMN

“Many of the people that inspire my work are not there either although” — I added. My sponsor is not an art critic but neither is he a fool, luckily for our sponsorship to take place in the first place.

Those who invest in the art market and the inflation of some of its puppets, will seldom come across my writings or make sense of them.

A few years ago, I felt injustice. Today, I am blessed to not have to bear an inflated image of myself manipulated by a market of supply and demand publicly in front of the masses.

The threads below started with a “FOMO” as I witnessed the history of art manipulated by auction houses and their financial impact on the media following my art sale.

Intelligence Artificialle et Art— Art Capial — Salon Comparaison — Grand Palais

Money does not buy happiness, dignity, peace of mind nor can it manipulate history. Art history is not a biased article you can promote as fake or biased news and fool people with.

AI Art — Salon d’Automne — Prix Art Digital — Art history

Nothing can be changed. The past has been written, but not the future. My future is only one future but those starting their careers today have plenty to learn from our past and mistakes.

A HUGE thank you to my friend Julie who encouraged me to keep walking amidst all this chaos!

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