Advice on How to Fail in Every Possible Way and Yet…

2 min readMay 26, 2021


Here is an article that no one would possibly be interested in reading cause let’s be honest, who wants to fail or waste time on failure? Who wants to fail in a society that puts down the failed and calls them losers. In case you have made it past the title and you are still reading out of mere curiosity, I welcome you into an honest world about the beauty of failure that a few circles still celebrate today.

From a recent light @alagraphie (IG)

I was on the phone with my art dealer who reminded me that had I buzzed about my innovations in 2016–2018 in AI-generated art, I could have turned that into a huge success to which I replied “indeed, and perhaps to a point that I would no longer need an art dealer or have time to create more art” which begs the question about the kind of success we seek.

In 2005, I was finishing my PhD in Complex Systems and parallel I was pursuing street photography and my photos were enjoyed by many people on Facebook. That was very encouraging, however, in 2016 I renounced all this recognition and decided to share my art discretely on DeviantArt in order to have honest feedback from strangers about my art and grow artistically. It was not easy but the progress I made in a couple of years was immense and yet there was more space for growth.

Social networks are but a playground for tit-for-tat cooperative sales. You can seldom get honest feedback from someone who can benefit from your sympathy towards their kindness. Keep this in mind if you want to keep creating and growing.

As far as failure goes, your less celebrated true achievements today will turn into huge success soon. How soon is soon? No one can tell.

What I can tell for sure is that if you are creating for your own growth and not to tease a market or please a buyer, then you will find peace of mind while doing what you please. Otherwise, you will never be free for there is always a bigger buyer and more untapped success depending on social trends and the ever-evolving definition of “cool”.

Every day, I celebrate all this without waiting for someone to tell me if it worth celebrating or not.

Thanks to all your honest support.

This was my advice on How to “Fail” in Every Possible Way and Yet be the Happiest and Most Fulfilled Which is the true definition of Sucess.




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