This past year has been quite eventful and challenging but it’s not over yet. However, I am thrilled to announce my new project for 2018-∞.

No crossroads no more, no decision-making headache and no worries ... I have been working on an artificial intelligence that shall set us free from the burden of overthinking and the paradox of choice. It constantly ranks all possible decisions in function of "happiness“.

For instance, I’m concluding November with 29°C in Europe thanks to the advice of a simple scoring algorithm that takes into consideration all weather conditions of nearby destinations wrt those of my current location and the prices of corresponding one-way tickets in order to answer a simple question: "should I leave or should I stay?". A more advanced version that is under development takes into account the location of family and friends and does the math.

Traveling is one of many decisions that keep us awake. Some decisions are simple involving a few factors, while others are much more complex and harder to parametrise. Ultimately, the goal is to use AI to live a zen stress-free life. But how many burnouts until we reach this zen goal? Your thoughts are welcome!

If you know of any sponsors, investors or start-up incubators that are in(terested) please shoot us an email otherwise please shout out!

Traditional, Digital & AI Artist, Data Scientist, Creative Coder, Filmmaker, Hyperpolyglot, Cosmopolitan. Formerly @snips @fortia_s @UPMC @CNRS @paris_sorbonne.

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