After several months of speechless conversations with OpenAI’s GPT-3 and more recently with an adaptation of their CLIPS to translate text to image, I am dumbfounded by what an autonomous AI is capable of producing, all by itself.

Before going any further with the outcome of this experiment it might be within the reader’s best interest that I introduce you to the artist and scientist, ALAgrApHY behind this and put his research and interest on the map.

ALAgrApHY is a Paris-based cosmopolitan artist (filmmaker, painter, photographer, digital artist) and scientist (PhD in complex systems, data scientist, Postdoc in NLP and…

Here is an article that no one would possibly be interested in reading cause let’s be honest, who wants to fail or waste time on failure? Who wants to fail in a society that puts down the failed and calls them losers. In case you have made it past the title and you are still reading out of mere curiosity, I welcome you into an honest world about the beauty of failure that a few circles still celebrate today.

From a recent light @alagraphie (IG)

I was on the phone with my art dealer who reminded me that had I buzzed about my innovations in 2016–2018…

Gabriel García Márquez, Isabel Allende, Jorge Luis Borges y Julia Alvarez van a cenar un dia en un universo paralelo imaginado por la inteligencia artificial.

Julia Alvarez: ¿Qué seria lo primero que dirías en cuanto llegares a este mundo?

Isabel Allende: ¡Qué extraño mundo!

Jorge Luis Borges: ¡Qué extraños son estos mundos!

Gabriel García Márquez: ¡Qué extraña esa extrañeza!

Julia Alvarez: ¿Qué te gustaría hacer en este mundo?

Isabel Allende: En este mundo me gustaría caminar por la orilla de la playa y escuchar algo de música.

Jorge Luis Borges: En este mundo me gustaría viajar a otro mundo y…

I have been fascinated by the capacity of GPT-3 and have been curiously looking for holes in reasoning as well as in logic and sense. I won’t go too metaphysical about questions we humans do not agree on.

Surely if there was more data, some of these issues could probably be resolved, for instance (the seed-text in bold):

Manolis is Greek and Elie is Lebanese both conversing in their transliterated mother tongues

Manolis: kalimera ti kaneis?
Elie: ana mni7, inta keef?

Manolis: kaneis, tetri kalimera
Elie: tes elies, alo
Manolis: eimai iste, eimai oti ou kaneis?
Elie: a, tha kaneis, alla eimai ksekinis!
Manolis: ti ksekinis?

Sempre caro mi fu quest’ermo colle,
e questa siepe, che da tanta parte
dell’ultimo orizzonte il guardo esclude.
Ma sedendo e mirando, interminati
spazi di là da quella, e sovrumani
silenzi, e profondissima quïete
io nel pensier mi fingo; ove per poco
il cor non si spaura. E come il vento
odo stormir tra queste piante, io quello
infinito silenzio a questa voce
vo comparando: e mi sovvien l’eterno,
e le morte stagioni, e la presente
e viva, e il suon di lei. Così tra questa
infinità s’annega il pensier mio:
e il naufragar m’è dolce in questo mare.

Leopardo Rinato Con l’Intelligenza Artificiale


Avant de mourir, Albert Camus se clone pour avoir un dernier dialogue avec sa copie.

Albert Camus se Clone.

Albert 1: — Je crois que c’est la fin.
Albert 2: — Oh, non ! Pas la fin !
Albert 1: — Je vais mourir.
Albert 2: — Dans trente ans, peut-être.
Albert 1: — Je vais mourir, aujourd’hui.
Albert 2: — Aujourd’hui ?
Albert 1: — Oui.
Albert 2: — Aujourd’hui, j’étais censé avoir mon rendez-vous avec le dentiste.
Albert 1: — Heureusement, je suis là.
Albert 2: — Je voudrais dire que je n’ai pas envie de mourir.
Albert 1: — Si.
Albert 2: — Non !
Albert 1: — Si
Albert 2: — Non…

We have recently updated our website and added a section “Cryptoart.” In this section, you will find our new cryptoart, a digital version of Salvador Dali’s Unpublished Paintings. The original painting has been sold to a private collector by Christies in 1989. We have created a digital copy of the painting and have sold it as a cryptoart on the Ethereum blockchain. The cryptoart is a non-fungible digital asset, which means that each cryptoart is unique. It was created by using the Ethereum “ERC721” standard using the Dutch Auction principle. This means that the cryptoart is auctioned off at a…

Quotes are usually citations referencing the authors that have written them. In this article, they are not or perhaps they are assuming we are citing a collective intelligence.

“Sometimes I wish I was the person everyone thinks I am”. — Al

Such a powerful quote that I had to take a minute to wrap my head around after googling it and not finding any evidence for it nor for any of its close variations and subsets. …

Uma das citações mais pragmáticas sai da pena do pensador Fernando Sabino:

De tudo ficaram três coisas…
A certeza de que estamos começando…
A certeza de que é preciso continuar…
A certeza de que podemos ser interrompidos
antes de terminar…
Façamos da interrupção um caminho novo…
Da queda, um passo de dança…
Do medo, uma escada…
Do sonho, uma ponte…
Da procura, um encontro!

Com a frustração do fim dum poema tão verdadeira e a ajuda da inteligência artificial, conseguimos mais umas palavras que o pensador do Fernando nunca pensou:

Do silêncio, uma canção…
Da morte, uma vida…
Do nada, uma luz…

One of my favorite poems by Dereck Walcott, picked by Maria Popova, visualized and completed in collaboration with a Collective Intelligence.

Dereck Walcott’s Portrait by ALAgrApHY

The time will come
when, with elation,
you will greet yourself arriving
at your own door, in your own mirror,
and each will smile at the other’s welcome,
and say, sit here. Eat.
You will love again the stranger who was your self.
Give wine. Give bread. Give back your heart to itself,
to the stranger who has loved you all your life,
whom you ignored for another,
who knows you by heart.

The time will come
when you…

Creative AI & Neural Art

Traditional, Digital & AI Artist, Data Scientist, Creative Coder, Filmmaker, Hyperpolyglot, Cosmopolitan. Formerly @snips @fortia_s @UPMC @CNRS @paris_sorbonne.

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